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I am a culture, entertainment, and travel writer. Below you will find original articles I have written. Like what you see? Contact me and let's work together!

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People talk about post-graduation depression, or even the melancholy you feel in the weeks leading up to the day hundreds or thousands of your peers sit on a manicured lawn before being released to the wolves.

Could the over-saturation of celebrities and their lives be one reason for the loss of interest? Is that where the MET Gala steps in?

GettyImages-1340149038 copy.jpg

If you also felt anxious traveling post-2020, you’re not alone. Here are some tips to help you alleviate travel anxiety in a COVID-19 world.

If you’d like to discover what to do in Prague, especially on a short trip, keep reading.

Image by Martin Krchnacek
12 Flight Attendant Approved.png

If anyone knows travel, it’s flight attendants. Many of these people give useful travel items that you might not realize how useful they’ll be on your trip… until you’re on the trip. So here’s my list of twelve flight attendant-approved travel items you need before your next vacation!

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